Selling RealEstate In Collaboration With Channel Partners And Brokers.

Selling RealEstate In Collaboration With Channel Partners And Brokers.

There are two ways to execute a standard sales process for any Real Estate company. The first is through internal sales teams and marketing campaigns. The second method is to collaborate with a network of Channel Partners and Brokers. Although some consumers may be attracted by marketing campaigns alone, others need the assistance of a third party for added security and convenience. Developers are increasingly becoming dependent on channel partners to drive sales through creative ideas as a result of the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) and the Goods and Services Tax (GST). For first-time home buyers, the word “channel partners” may be unfamiliar. However, the channel partner should not be confused with the broker.
Channel partners like Headways Realty gradually act as consultants and sales experts rather than merely as brokers. Between the two there is a huge difference. A broker is one who serves as a connection between a buyer and a seller and is charged by both sides. Channel partners are consultants and the builders and/or developers are responsible for selling the building projects. The sales services are designed for a period that is not limited to an agreed term, where the developer charges the service provided to those channel partners, but nothing is charged by the buyer. The service is available online. The buyer or investor, on the other hand, receives free services like site visits, select and drop, loan help, post-sales services, etc. This marketing technology enhances the organisation and transparency of the industry. The purchaser can rely on these partners to enhance the accessibility and stress-free of the property search. With Headways Realty as a channel partner as a consultant, the processes of finding a property can be much easier and options for customers can also be increased. After extensive care, customers can contact channel partners and enable them to play a consultative role through the proper guidance.

RERA Approved Channel Partner: RERA enables home buyers to thoroughly examine the entire accreditation of the real estate property they are considering. All developers and channel partners who want to provide services must register under RERA, according to the act. Since Headways Realty as a channel partner is registered with RERA, buyers may have more confidence in them. In marketing and distribution, channel partners add more value. Rather than acting as brokers, they are increasingly acting as advisors and sales representatives. They are taking greater responsibility and accountability for their RERA registration. Developers/agents are required to report all project information. On the website, the regulator will keep track of all channel partners that have registered. Prospective buyers seem to have more confidence in buying property through channel partners after the implementation of the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA). This is due to the fact that channel partners will be penalised if they mislead buyers.

Channel Partners vs. Brokers: What’s the difference?
It is important to distinguish between the terms Channel Partners and Brokers. Channel Partners are companies that, through their own marketing and sales methods, guarantee the selling of assets within a certain time frame. Brokers, on the other hand, are individuals or groups that serve as go-betweens for homebuyers and developers. Channel Partners receive higher fees than Brokers because they carry on more sales responsibility and often underwrite properties.

Discounts and Best Offers from Headways Realty: Headways Realty as a channel partner will help you save a lot of money by obtaining deep discounts and the best deals in the industry for your customers. Hiring a great channel partner will save you a lot of money because the right consultant can not only negotiate efficiently on your behalf but will also know what pitfalls or hidden charges to look for as the deal progresses, thereby saving the buyer money.

Helping You Choose the Perfect Location: In a city, all properties cannot be the same price, and each project’s value can vary depending on its location. Headways Realty as a channel partner will assist you in locating the best location for your needs and budget. A buyer or investor must be aware of all locations because some are designated for residential properties and others are designated for commercial properties. As a buyer or investor, you should be aware of potential future developments in the field.

Best properties according to your requirements and budget: A channel partner has better market information than a buyer to help you provide you with the best properties on a budget and according to your demands. You may not find a suitable house on your budget when you plan to buy a house directly or you may not get the actual market price for an apartment. Every property price would vary by location, amenities, and time. Finding the best home is a difficult task or you’ll have to spend a longer time in each field to know the trend of the market. As channel partners, Headways Realty acts as consultants and the customer can leave the stress of market research to the advisors.

Providing End-to-End Real Estate Services: Approaching a builder directly can not provide you with all of the services and formalities necessary to buy a home. A good real estate channel partner like Headways Realty, on the other hand, will provide you with all of the end-to-end services you need, such as free site visits, pick-up and drop-off, paperwork, loan assistance, and post-sale services, among other things. Other home and after-sales services that a marketing professional may offer include interior design work or referring you to a good service provider. This will allow the buyer/investor to save time and money by receiving services tailored to their specific needs and specifications.

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